Tuesday, November 30, 2010

we are sick.

ava and i are sick. she had a runny nose this weekend and has passed it on to me. but along with the runny nose i also got a sore throat. headache. and overall achy feeling. thank you sweet ava. we kinda like when she is sick because then she cuddles with us. we do not really like it when she is sick though. and justin may also be getting it as well. we are drinking lots of orange juice and eating lot of soup. and we have tissues available in every room. just in case. not sure what it means when you catch a cold and you have cancer. i know i am more susceptible to getting sick and maybe it takes me a little longer to get better. i will email my nurse today and find out.

i am feeling basically back to normal since chemo. just the usual exhaustion and now this little cold.

i wanted to buy a new christmas tree on saturday. but that never happened. so on sunday i tried to decorate the house. but all i got done was some garland on the banister going upstairs. and then i got too tired. so i laid down. but we decided thursday night we will decorate the house. and i am in search of my first real wreath for the front door. this house deserves to be decorated well for christmas and with everything going on we need a little holiday cheer around the house. and along with that i did a little christmas shopping online yesterday. it was cyber monday and i got some deals. got a few little things for ava and something for my niece and three nephews. i like shopping for them. its more fun than buying for adults i think. i do not shop online very much...but it sure has been nice since i spend a lot of time in our bed.

justin just texted me. he is in dc for the day. "crap...i'm sick as well. feeling better?" so now officially the entire ryder family is sick. great. at least ava has remained real happy and sleeping great despite her little cold. she is awake now. and she is yelling...momma....momma. wow. there is nothing like that in the world. those sweet words from your child. now its time to begin the day.


  1. Please take care and get better soon. It is impossible to keep germs away but hopefully your germs will be on their way out the door really quickly.

  2. Love you.... nice post. Let's get a real tree

  3. Sorry you are sick. Me, too. Harvest Assembly sells great real trees--Frasier Firs--all one price--$35, I think. It's at the corner of Greenbrier and Kempsville. Hope you all are well real soon.


  4. hope the cold leaves the house and the Christmas decor makes everything twinkle a little more. Never underestimate the power of 100 white Christmas lights. They can transform a room. what theme will your tree be incase someone here wants to get ava a new ornie?
    love you.

  5. Be very careful...if you get a fever go straight to the doctor!! I got a cold 2 days after X-mas last year (after treatment #9) and was admitted into the hospital for LOTS of tests to make sure I didn't get a blood infection. The simple cold can do wonders for a chemo patient! Lots of hand washing AND staying clear from peeps w/ Colds this time of year!

  6. sorry that you guys are all feeling so crummy! It's been going around in my house too :( Yay for decorating your house! hope you have lots of fun with it


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