Friday, October 29, 2010


babe. sorry. i totally forgot to blog about you and your birthday and how much i love you. lets blame it on the fact that i got chemo yesterday and i am currently on medication. but thanks for being the only person i could ever walk through cancer with. or have a baby with. or move to virignia with and barely know anyone but you. thanks for getting me skim chai lattes with only three pumps of chai because it is too sweet if i get four. and you always remember that. thanks for not turning on lots of lights in the morning because it will wake me and and possibly ava up...because if she sees just a glimpse of light under her door she thinks its time to wake up. thanks for being romantic. and for writing letters. and for always coming to each and every appointment with me. no matter what. and thanks for being willing to shave your head even though i would prefer you did not do that. also i am not bald yet so no rush on that. thanks for working less. and for playing so hard with ava and for always praying with her before she goes to sleep. and for chasing her around the upstairs. oh, she loves it. she loves you. i promise she will start calling you da-da before we know it. thanks for texting me throughout the day. and for making me laugh. you are for sure the funniest person i know and i got to marry you. thanks for pointing me to christ more and more. and for caring for me just the way i need to be cared for. and cooking for me a little more. that is real special to me. you just said to me in the car on our way to the outer banks..."can you imagine if you married anyone else? wow that would have been terrible." you are right justin. we are meant for each other. and we both know that now more than ever. what a gift that is. i promise that your next birthday will not revolve so much around cancer. so happy 26th birthday. we are the same age for seventeen days. you are a gift to me and to ava. we love you.


  1. so very sweet. you sure are blessed to have each other. And a very happy birthday, indeed, to the best brother a sister could ask for.
    xoxo to all 3.

  2. Happy Birthday, Justin. Add to that list..."Thanks for letting your mother-in-law have 5 pilons be delivered to your home. And then hauling them into your house with Dad for our "project."

    I appreciate your faith in me...or maybe it was Libby's faith in me, but it's only been 3 years. Someday you will know that I can be trusted.

    So glad you are a part of our family!


  3. So sweet Libby!! Together you both make a perfect couple/team! :)

    Happy Birthday to Justin!!

    Hope you're feeling better!! Praying for you!

    Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Justin! Sooo thankful for the excellent pet scan results!! Hope you enjoy the weekend with Cliffy & Lo---Hugs & love to all of you. Lee & Betty :)

  5. That was so very sweet Libby. This blog has a way of bringing tears to my eyes on so many levels. Happy Birthday Justin.

  6. sweet post! Happy Birthday Justin, keep up the good work!

  7. Libby - So many are inspired by your blog. Thank you for sharing. I love you all. I hope you had a wonderful birthday Justin.

    I agree with with you Libby, Justin is the funniest person I know. (Shhh.....please don't tell Ted - he thinks he is!) I love it when Ella tries to be funny like her Unky when she attempts to play the question game.

    You all have a blessed weekend. Love and prayers, ~Shirl

  8. happy late birthday justin...thanks for loving my sweet sister so well...i thank God daily for the 3 of you and the family that you are!
    miss u all...becky


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