Saturday, July 31, 2010

saturday july 24, 2010

this began on a saturday, but the symptoms began months ago. i had been having some back pain on the right side of my body since ava was born in january. however, over the past months i thought it was from carrying her infant car seat all over creation. so ignored it. next, i had been having night sweats, again just had a baby and my hormones were/are all over the place. ignored it. sudden weight loss, well i gained 30 lbs and then lost is right after the baby. but returned to my pre-baby weight and thought nothing of it. also i have been breastfeeding until today (that is another post to come, since i love nursing and seriously hate that i have been advised to stop). however, in the past few weeks my legs have been cramping up and feeling numb when i tried to sleep at night. oh, another symptom is fatigue. well i have a 6 month old. enough said. and honestly who is not tired? so ignored that. back to the legs. since they were making it hard for me to sleep i decided i should see a dr. but i do not have just a regular dr only my ob. so a friend recommends someone and after much reluctance and many wise women telling me i needed to go i made an appt. i also went b/c we were planning to leave for upstate NY for the month of august for young life and i wanted to get some pain medication before we left. so i called and made an appt for monday july 26. but they called and changed it to saturday july 24. hindsight best thing ever.

i had an appt at 11 so justin hung with ava and i went to the dr. when i told him the pain i was having he pretty much did an overall physical. while he was touching my neck he felt an enlargement in my neck. he thought it was my thyroid so he was going to refer me to an endocrinologist for monday. i thought fine, thyroid, effects a lot things in your body, sounds good. my dr. told me he would be on vacation next week, but would leave a note for the office to make me an appt and for me to come in on monday for some blood work. this is saturday and i am not worried at all. come home tell justin and we move right along. it was a great family saturday. ran some errands, went to see our future home, which will be on the water, another dream, made dinner together, ate fresh salsa with lime chips. also, if you have not tried lime tortilla chips you must. you know someone loves you when they dig through the bag and find the chip with the most salty lime goodness on it and then say...babe, you can have this one? oh, justin and i call each other babe. pet names usually annoy me, but not babe. its like the word the in our vocabulary. so great day. but at around 7pm my legs start to hurt real bad and we get in bed and watch juno. i am very restless and can not stop moving, justin asks if we should go to the hospital, i say no of course not. so i finally get to sleep and wake up at like midnight and i am drenched in sweat. it was sick. but i change and fall back to sleep ( i took some medicine to help me sleep and i was out of it). get up on sunday and feel fine.


  1. libby- got linked to your blog through a friend on facebook. while it terrified me at first, i honestly think it is a good reminder that i need to be grateful for every moment. getting lost in the everyday is easy, especially as a mom. but your blog is so heartfelt and really does remind me that even the bad things i need to be grateful for as it all comes from Him. thank you!

    1. also, i am in awe of how strong you sound, while also sounding like such a regular human being. you have a gift as a writer!

  2. Libby, I met you,justin, and ava this summer at Saranac while I was on work crew.. Im sure you met tons of people and don't remember me but me and my friend Emma thought Ava was the cutest little girl we had ever seen and we still talk about her, that is how i remember you and know about your blog. anyways, my 15 year old sister was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma yesterday and I just wanted to let you know that this blog has been a blessing to me and has spoken peace over my heart and mind. THANK YOU


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