Tuesday, October 2, 2012

how i am right now.

this will be short. but i want to remember how i am feeling and what this little girl is doing inside of me. she is making me so tired. like post-chemo fatigue. just exhausted. my back is aching so bad. i am currently sitting on a heating pad working on something for work that i lost 4 times when ava unplugged my computer. you see poor little mac from 2007 wont work unless it is plugged in. i have bought at least 3 replacement batteries over the past few years and they do not last. but after what happened tonight i will be ordering a new battery when i am finished with this post. i was so angry and she kept saying..."sorry mom, sorry mom. i touched the cord."

after 2.5 hours all the necessary paperwork for my little job is done. finally. i have been putting it off for a few days now.

so back pain. yup its bad. not like with ava at all. this heating pad is helping.

heartburn. anyone else out there with that? it is awful. i have a hard time sleeping and so uncomfortable as i toss and turn. this is a new one for me. it is always nice when ava has recently started waking up 2 hours earlier than she usually does. just sleep little girl. i am pretty sure that sleepless nights with number two is the thing i am the most anxious about. not sure when it started but i feel like i require or want or wish i got more sleep than i do most nights. anyone else with me on that?

she has a name. even a middle name. wont be announced until she arrives but we feel good about it. ava does not like it and keeps suggesting..."ava, we need two ava's or max." sad for her neither of those will be the name but we are confident she will love her little sister regardless of her name.

off to bed. yes i just complained a bit. i kinda needed it. now i will move on and despite it all remain grateful we are here. healthy and pregnant.

try and get some sleep.


  1. not to be a fix it, but yoga helps my back immensely in pregnancy. even just a silly prenatal DVD since I'm too cheap for real classes all the time. =) hope you get rest and relief from the exhaustion and aches!

  2. Kids are fascinated with cords, aren't they? My lower back hurt so bad with my 2nd, so my OB wrote a prescription for a pregnancy support back brace. Not the little 3" band that you see in Motherhood stores, it had a molded plate to help spread out the pressure. It was very helpful, so I recommend that if it's getting unbearable. Hope things start to feel a little better and that Ava sleeps more!

  3. 24 weeks pregnant with my second and so tired. I'm in bed by 9:30 at night, if I can even make it until then. My 2 year old has been waking up early as well, and I"m worried about the decreased sleep with a newborn - I'm dreading it actually. As for back pain, I had a LOT of back pain with this pregnancy until I went and got a prenatal massage. They are expensive, but as soon as I got it, the pain I had been having for 3 months went away. If you go, just make sure to tell them specifically where it hurts, so they can pay extra attention to that area! Being pregnant with a toddler is not easy!

  4. I lived on tums for my heartburn when I was pregnant. The only thing that made it bearable.

  5. It cracks me up that Ava doesn't like the baby's name. I love it. Is that bad?

  6. I had awful heartburn with my daughter. Everything I ate killed me, the only thing that helped was milk, and I so dislike milk. She was born with a head full of hair, and the whole time I was prego that's what people said heartburn during pregnancy meant. :)


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