Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy day.


ava and i love you. the little baby inside me already loves you. you sing to her and pray for her so she must love you. wow i just wrote she and we have no idea the gender. strange.

thankful for your life and for how you love and care for our family.

a few things you did today that i appreciated. because today is your day.

1. brought me my new favorite drink when i was sick in bed: cranberry lime selzer

2. intervening with ava when she refused (for 3.5 hours) to pick up raisin bran that she spilled all over her pack n play. she did eventually pick it all up.

3. making like 400 high school kids laugh at club tonight. you are real funny babe. ava loves watching you at club. tonight she was a little sleepy and laid down in club and said..."momma i am so tired." it was precious.

4. thanks for asking how you can love and serve me better. being pregnant & a little sick...i appreciate it.

you are our favorite. thankful for the summer of 2005 that changed everything. would not want to walk through life with anyone else than you. your girls love you.

***sorry for the lack of blogging. enjoying camp, keeping up with ava, & baby sickness.***

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  1. So how far along are you?? I recently found out I was pregnant and chemo didnt ruin our chances of expanding our family as well...pretty amazing! Hope you get feeling better soon!!


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