Tuesday, May 15, 2012

our day

this weekend we celebrated two biggies...five years of marriage and mother's day. we sorta blended the two into one really great day. i woke up to flowers with gift cards from my favorite ice cream place in town all stuffed into between the bouquet. opened my card and not surprised when i opened it and " still the one" was playing. justin is a fan of the musical card and paying $8 for that feature. laying on the table was a gift card with what appeared to be a clue to a riddle..."roses are red."

for justin i had been wanting to hang something on this wall since we moved in. but i knew i wanted it to be some sorta of saying or something good to kinda jump start our day since we look at everyday as we go down the stairs. so when angie's shop officially opened i knew i wanted something she created for this special space in our bedroom.

i decided on this: i'm so happy we ended up here. seems appropriate. no matter where we have been or where we will go and all the adventures in between i want to keep us grateful for exactly where we are right now...wherever that may be & all the times it will change...i am so happy we ended up here...together...for life.

we got ourselves together and headed downtown to the farmer's market. we ended up with homemade lemon pound cake that ava wanted to share with strangers. i was taste testing some cheese and inside the box of cheddar cheese was clue number two..."ava's hair."

then we headed to our favorite little breakfast place in town and it delivered...it was incredible. the straps on the highchair were broken which offered ava a bit of freedom while eating, but mostly allowed her to give kisses. we saw our friend kristie at breakfast who then randomly handed me clue number three..."gets a twirl."

if you are married to someone on young life staff and they happen to be funny they mostly will be asked to "program" at yl camp. program is over the top and ridiculous and essential to week of summer camp. justin is good at it. the best i think. on our walk home we headed into a fabric store to get silver sequin fabric for a cape and bright yellow for lightning bolts. seems normal enough to me.
ava was rewarded with a yard stick from ragtime fabrics and used it as a walking stick for the trip home.

then lots and lots of swinging in her new swing with clue number 4..."when it comes." 

ended our family day with some ice cream. biggest "baby cone" i have ever seen.

second to last clue came from our friend clint and it said..."to wives."

we headed to dinner to celebrate and reminisced over the past five years and then a little box came across the table and as i opened it the final clue..."you're a true pearl." my first real pearls. totally surprised. it was a special day. thankful for my husband and for being a momma. such a gift.

also do not miss our story in the fabulous online magazine docica. seriously i love it. great stories. photography, design. inspiration. all on your computer, ipad, or phone. i am obsessed. our story is featured on blog lovin' on page 134 if you care to take a look.


  1. Such a fun day for you. Your husband is creative and sweet.

  2. For some reason that print of Ang's reminded me of you the very 1st time I saw it...glad you thought so too :)


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