Thursday, July 21, 2011

a quick vacation video

our last night on vacation with my family justin made a little video. check it out. i love it. but i always love them. out of town with my friends and it is pretty incredible. ava stayed home so i could get a little break. we just skyped and ava cried when we said good bye. broke my heart. but i know this is good. good for justin to be with her (and our sweet friends who are watching her while he is at work). good to be with friends i rarely see and really be present. it is needed. so needed. beyond thankful for these women. we sat outside by the pool at sunset and talked about this past year. how young we are and how much we have already had to go through together. not only cancer but my friends own trials. it is hard. but encouraging to see how the Lord has worked and is working in each of our lives.

off to enjoy the pool.

our little video HERE.
(i added this a few hours later after i posted) i am sitting on the bathroom floor because i need to get ready. i am about to get into a van with three of my best friends to pick up beth from the airport and watched this video for the third time today.  i am thankful for my family and for life. for celebrating yet another year we have together. on july 26 we will celebrate one year from when i was diagnosed with cancer. i will be a little sad. but mostly it will be a day of joy and as i watched this little movie my husband made real quick i thought about what might not have been and i can not hold back the tears because i am so thankful. so incredibly deep in my soul thankful i was healed. life looks and feels different. i am a broken record i know. but i am reminded more and more. this time with friends has shown me that. what a gift they are to me and my life. how they encourage me and push me to become more of the woman i was created to be. the more and more i process cancer and in many ways move through the pain and reality this past year i keep coming back to joy. the joy i see in my life and in my heart. in the midst of the joy i see the emotion and pain and sadness i still carry with me about cancer and how it changed our life. it is funny how you can have both. joy and sadness. yet they both seem so necessary. i love the song playing on this video and how it moves my soul and i love my family. that is enough. for today that is enough.


  1. I love, love, love the video and can definitely see how you would look at it and see all that you would have missed. My two year anniversary of when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor is coming up in August and I still wake up with the joy of being given a second chance and more time with my children, combined with the overwhelming fear that my tumor will someday come back.

  2. We too have watched this over and over, thank u Justin, we love it. It was a great night and I am still getting use to not being with u and Becky. Wade is obsessed and has made chris's parents watch it like 10 times! He tells them everything we were doing in each picture and tells them how much he disliked the cannons. Already looking forward to our next family vaca at the big lake next summer. So glad u r with your girlfriends and that u r focusing on u! Sometimes hard to do once u have little ones. Love u so much! Also wade is wondering when he can do FaceTime with aunt lib!! Have a great weekend! XOXO Allison

  3. What is the name of the song in this video?

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