Sunday, July 31, 2011

our blog was born one year ago today.

one year ago on this day. july 31 our blog began. i had been sleep horribly since we had heard of my cancer and most nights were spent trying to settle my racing thoughts. i remember those nights like they were yesterday. scared. alone. exhausted. sad. worried. fearful. all of it. to distract myself i would read and re-read and return the emails i had received as news seemed to have traveled quickly.

family was in town. ted, sara, and tommy. happy anniversary you guys. seven years. what a joyous thing that we celebrate your marriage along with the birth of something that changed our entire cancer journey. i remember waking up, sitting in the living room of our little townhouse and telling them over dunkin donut iced mochas that i had started a blog and that i would be writing about our journey.

sharing on this blog and the passion i have for writing was something i never knew was inside me. i see life through a different lens as i think about how i will document it or if i will even write it down. this blog has been one of the greatest surprises of my life. although it started because of something sad and hard like cancer. it will never be a sad thing to me. not even a tiny bit.

it allowed me to process fears and emotions i did not know were in me. it gave me a voice and a purpose when i felt so isolated and alone. it allowed you. the reader to be a part of something. not just about cancer but real life and Jesus and the story He is telling. i am humbled to have walked this road with you. even through for most of you it has only been though the 245 blog entries to which we shared our heart through words, pictures, and videos.

this is going to be a year of reflection. a lot of "one year ago today we were doing this, or going here, or this happened...can you believe it?" i think that is apart of it though. processing all that has happened.

so thankful that one year later i am cancer free and my evening was spent on river with this guy and this girl. along with many of our dearest friends. (we had a little hoedown more pictures to come).

both surprised and excited to note that since this blog started one year ago in the early morning around 3am over very scared tears of what was ahead for my family there have been over 1,002,600 page views of this blog. thank you. thank you thank you.


  1. celebrating with you Lib!! Cancer free and one year later...Jesus is amazing.

    hugging you! :)

  2. such an exciting time! a year...cant believe it! the Lord is so good!

  3. I can't believe it's been a year. We have read every single blog entry and have prayed for your family. So encouraged and thankful for where the Lord has you, Justin, and Ava. Thanks for sharing your heart!


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