Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On the road again...

We like to keep things fun and adventurous this summer...In turn we have been all over the place and loving it. Not all of it. But for sure most of it. Like family and new friendships and seeing the country. From VA to NY to VA to NY again then VA to FL and back to VA to OH to MI and back home again. We are driving home from MI as I type this...Justin making a phone call and Ava watching curious george, reading go dog go and singing "we are young."
So far so good. Ava is a better traveller than both of us and for that I am grateful.

This past few days were spent with lots of family and celebrating my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and my grandma's 80th birthday. Along with a few days on lake michigan with my immediate family. I grew up going to the lake but it was justin's first time and he loved it...although he loves basically any body of water.

Good time to relax and let Ava run and swim and play in the sand. I continue to feel good...just a bit tired and upset stomach. But nausea and throwing up are over. Will post a belly pic this week. Thankful for a few days with family and all that being back in MI means to me. It is a beautiful state.

Right now things feel good. Slowing down a little bit and looking forward to the fall and preparing for babe number two. Lots of nursery ideas floating around my head and imaging our life with another. We find out the gender on aug. 28th and will post it for sure.

Any guesses???? We think girl but starting to get excited about the idea of a little boy in our house.

A few pictures from our trip. A lack of service=phone was dead basically the entire trip.


  1. i think ava would have so much fun with a little brother- God is good whatever gender the little one is! miss you and love you both! xoxo ally


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