Monday, September 5, 2011

feeling a bit all over the place.

things are a bit unsettled here. not in our house yet. the whole river house is in storage. i forgot to pack many clothes as i only kept my toms and rainbow flip flops out to wear. the hunters too. perfect for the rainy day we had. since we are not in our place yet and things feel all over the place i am feeling the same way when it comes to this blog. what to share. what not to share. so much going on that i am not even sure what to say. just not sure what to do with myself. how to spend my time. where to go. what to do. i guess this is apart of the this new adventure and all the transitions that come with it. but in all seriousness it really does feel like this will make a good home for us. i am looking forward to making this our home. where ava will grow up. where our marriage and family will grow. build new relationships. it will be good. it is good. but still feels a little like we are just on a trip and then we will go home. but this is our home. it will just take sometime. that is all for now. ava is sleeping. justin is on his way home. i promise i will share more of my heart soon. i like to do that. i am just adjusting to the new changes and what is to come for our family.
 little A just doing her make up. we like bronzer in this house.


  1. She is beautiful. Seriously lib. Good luck in her high school years :)

  2. that is the absolute cutest picture ever! she is so precious!! Even though I sell real estate and help people move from house to house every day, moving it still once of the most un-fun, stressful things you can ever do and I hate it lol! I hope you get settled soon :)

  3. oh my goodness ava is GORGEOUS!!!! love your blog!!!!


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