Wednesday, August 10, 2011

we are at a little love from my big sister.

we arrived at rockbridge on sunday. ava did well on the four hour trip here and so far things are going great. about 400 students and leaders arrived at camp yesterday afternoon. ava and i are doing a lot of hanging out. playing on the swing set. swimming in the pool. running around. she can pretty much go anywhere and be safe. it's a dream. she is acting hilarious and dancing around and saying "hi" to all the kids as they walk by. i love that she is so social. it makes it so fun.

excited that tommy and sara (justin's sister who takes all the pictures for our blog header) is welcoming their third little baby into the world today. no news yet on his arrival. but we are praying for momma and baby. 

because my time on the computer is a bit limited i am sharing two emails i got from my big sister. one after we found out that i can for sure have more babies and from our one year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. i reminded more and more of the gift it is to have such a wonderful family who was in this fight with us. even at a distance.

Seriously had tears in my eyes as i read your last post. babies!!!!! yeah!! so happy for you, justin, and ava. she is going to make the best big sister. can't imagine you with only ava, never did. you are such an amazing mom and so glad we get to be on this motherhood path together. hopefully once and awhile I will have some good advice for you. so looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks. feel like it has been forever. the boys are are looking forward to it too! thank you for the super extra long phone call the other day. feel like those are few and far between with how busy everything is. looking forward to our week together and to the 3 days with just you. can't believe we are a month away from when we got the insane news that you had cancer. you called that friday to say you were having an ultrasound but that is was probably nothing and in our family we have been so lucky, usually with big things it has been nothing. but this time it was different. I was at work when you called me and from the moment i talked to you i knew it was not the outcome we were hoping for. I can't even remember what went through my mind first except this family doesn't work without you. I wanted you close so that i could hug you and for the first time i really realized just how far away you were. For me it didn't matter what kind of cancer or what the odds or how it got there or how long it had been there,  i just wanted it out of you and for you to be healed. you handled it with such strength and poise. our week in the outer banks last august you seemed so healthy. we played putt putt with justin and dad and hung out and swam and i remember combing your hair and not wanting to stop thinking next time i see you your beautiful long brown hair would be gone. i have learned so much from you this past year and so glad it is over!! So glad we are all here today with you healthy and that you can have more babies. Every few months there will be a PET scan and we will continue to pray that each of them are clear. We will pray that God will give you the strength to get through them. Know that i am here for you and i know that i have not been perfect though this whole journey but one thing has not changed, and that is how much I love you. Can't wait to watch our babies play and probably wrestle with each other on vaca! We are have been so blessed by God this past year and i pray He continues to heal you. I love you lib and am honored to be your big sister. Your blog has been such an amazing testimony and who would have ever thought it would have turned into what it is today. i look forward to reading each post and to be updated on what you are doing that day. i weep as I write this remember all the emotions of the past year. I hope the future hold lots of tear of joys!!
love you.

Sitting here now, I can't believe this year is over. in the midst of everything it felt like it would never end. what an answer to prayers that we are sitting here today celebrating no more cancer. can't imagine the mix of emotions you are feeling today. the whirlwind of what 7.26.10 meant and how we are sitting here today thanking the Lord for His answer to our prayers. i love you so much and so thankful to have my sister back. it was a long year and being with you for a chemo treatment changed everything in my mind. watching what those drugs did to you, unless you watchvermeulen family got together to celebrate grandpa's birthday and we were talking about all the things the family had been through i watched how so many people's eyes filled with tears after your journey was mentioned. it is still so raw as we try and move forward after this year. what a blessing for you to know so many people have been praying for you and loving you near and far. i hope this day is filled with more celebrations than not of how far you have come. love on ava and justin today and hold them close. sending you lots of hugs and kisses. i love you so much. 

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  1. What a wonderful friendship you have with your sister. Reading her post gave me chills, made me tear sweet :)


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