our story

my name is libby ryder. i am 27 and i have been married to justin for almost four years. we have a daughter ava who is 21 months old. we are partners. we are a team and life without each other would just feel off. we live in harrisonburg, va where justin is the area director for young life. none of our family is here but we have an amazing community around us. this blog is going to share our story of when i was unexpectedly diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in july 2010. be sure to start from the beginning if you are new. 
we decided nothing will be the same again, ever. but in the best way possible. we are excited for this new path in our journey as a couple and as individuals. i told justin this past week (back in july 2010) that i was thankful this was all happening now and not in 60 years when we were older and had missed out on loving Jesus this much, or each other this much, and everyone around this much. since we never saw this one coming. i guess that is what you sign up for when you decide to give your life...we are talking your life here...to Jesus Christ. it means trusting Him with everything. i thought i did though. but now i know that i didn't. i mean i did a little. but not like i do now.

thank you for joining us on this journey. many of you prayed us through cancer. we felt it and it changed everything. please follow us as continue to follow Jesus and not waste another second of our life. it is all a gift. it can change in a second.

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