Monday, January 13, 2014

sharing a bit of our story.

my sweet friend maureen works for an incredible website it is far more than a meal website and is full of recipes and encouraging writing. i emailed her a while back to share a little of our story and how our journey of cancer was impacted significantly by a meal website. i mean who doesn't love food dropped off at your doorstep...i know i do. people were so quick and willing to enter into our lives and help in ways that changed how we walked through that season of life. you can read more HERE

we cant always or ever really remove pain and sorrow and heartache from those around us. but we can bring meals, send cards, babysit, clean, send emails, texts, gifts, etc. we can ease the burden in small ways. before cancer i often felt paralyzed when i heard other people's stories and what they were walking through and often thought...oh, that is awful but what can we really do? thankfully there really is a lot we can do and i continue to challenge myself to not forget how quickly and abundantly people cared for us. My desire is to pay that forward and never forget where we were just three years ago. also health update: on new years eve i got a clean report. blood work looks good and my physical went well. i will have another scan later this spring.

also little lyles turns 1 tomorrow. seriously. one. more on her tomorrow. i promise. 

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  1. Libby - Thank you for allowing us to share a piece of your beautiful story on our blog. We know your words will be an encouragement to many this week and in weeks to come. Enjoy celebrating another 1st birthday!

    Adina Bailey


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